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As a part of my Masters and Doctoral degree programs, I am putting together a 48 week (11 month) Intensive Counseling Program for Christian Women from October 2018 through August 2019.  It will include weekly 2-hour small group video/phone sessions (recorded for group member access only), with optional daily check in by phone or video, and daily access to me by messaging.

I am taking applications for participation through the end of May 2018.

I need 8 small groups of 5 Christian women each, with most groups focused on one main emotional issue listed below, although we may cross over into other areas as we treat each issue that arises.

The groups will be: Body & Food Issues (problems with eating too much or too little, obsession with food, calories, exercise, negative body image, hatred of body and appearance) Relationship Issues (unhealthy and harmful relationships, resentful relationships, relationships with people from whom you wish you could disconnect, inability to connect emotionally to others) Isolation Issues (Depression and Anxiety related issues, not wanting to leave your home or your bed, panic attacks, hopelessness, purposelessness) Addiction Issues (Addictions to alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, obsessive-compulsive behavior) Trauma Issues (PTSD from past traumatic or abusive experiences which can express as any of the above issues) Mixed Issues (This group will be made up of those who could fit into multiple categories)

We can have more than 1 group dealing with the same issue; this will be decided by the Applicants' needs.

Each group will meet once a week with me virtually over video (or phone when you are unable to join by video) for approximately 2 hours, and will require homework assignments.

Sessions will be recorded and accessible only to group members, and everyone will sign a confidentiality agreement regarding what is said in the group.

Session days will primarily be Monday through Thursdays, and times will be determined by the availability of the group's members. Potential days and times are as follow: - For those who work during the day, availability can be Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays 5 - 7 pm and 7 - 9 pm EST, and Tuesdays 5 - 7 pm EST. - For those who do not work, we can set up daytime sessions any time except Wednesday afternoons.

These sessions will be 1/2 price, only $25 per 2-hour session ($12.50/hr) plus $50 for a Temperament Analysis Profile, which will also include additional free group sessions before October teaching you about your Temperament.

The only additional cost will be your purchase of whatever Workbooks we use as a springboard for that group's sessions, ranging from $10 to $20.

I will also offer additional free live (but recorded) classes on related subjects throughout that time.

You must complete an application first, and applicants will be chosen according to their areas of counseling interest and date/time availabilities.

You must also be willing to allow me to utilize anonymous references to experiences shared and lessons learned for both my dissertations and my upcoming books.

Since I require an 11 month commitment for this Program, you must pay for the 48 weeks of counseling up front. You can pay it in one payment of $1250, or split it up with $250 payments over 5 months (May - September).

If you pay up front in a single payment, I will also offer you 2 free individual sessions either to go over your Temperament Analysis Profile or to cover any area you like.

In return for your participation, along with half-priced and free additional group sessions, you will receive the following: - Priority Daily Access. The members of this program will be my main focus for the 11 months. That means that you have priority access to me for additional discounted individual counseling via phone or video, and free access to me daily through messaging. - Once a weekday optional "Check-In and Prayer" sessions open to all 40 participants, either in the mornings or at noontime, for daily help with issues that arise. - A copy of both books I am publishing: "God, Help Me Not To Want Cake" and the 365 day devotional book "Flawless and Loved". - Access to all of my courses, publications, videos and classes on my website.

If you are interested in applying for this Program, please complete the below Application.

The price for membership is $250.00 now and then $250.00 per Month for 4 more Months.

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