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If your relationships with people are not what you want them to be, but end up being repeats of previous unhealthy or painful relationships, the Codependency Workshop Group is for you. If you have trouble setting and keeping your boundaries with people, and they end up taking more from you than you want them to, if you say to yourself that the person you are involved with only cares about himself or herself, then you are dealing with Codependency.

If you ask yourself why you end up with these people, the answer is because you are drawing them to yourself unconsciously and allowing them to take what is important to you and trample on it. You are actually the common denominator in all of these relationships, and if you don't change the signal you are projecting, you will continue to draw these people to you and repeat your past cycles.

The only solution is to be healed of what is causing you to send out your signals that draw selfish people to you who do not respect you or pour back into your life. That means taking a look at where you came from, what your caretakers believed and taught you (either verbally or through modeling), and what you believe about yourself. This 16 week in-depth Workshop Group will change your life, who you attract and how you deal with people FOREVER.

So if you are tired of relationships that end up breaking your heart into little pieces, join us starting this Sunday, 3/3/19 at 6:30 pm EST, via video or in person, and start an entirely new type of life, with healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, and true love for yourself. You'll have to make up your mind now, because you need to have your first chapter's work completed prior to class. You can download the Kindle version immediately (you don't have to have a Kindle, just download the Kindle app to your phone or tablet or computer) and just write your answers in a journal.

I hope you are willing to push past your fear that you will end up alone, or always end up with people who do not truly care for you as you need, and be healed of what has propelled you into these relationships up until now. Money isn't going to be an issue - it is only $10 per 90 minute session. The question is whether or not you believe God can heal you of what is hurting you so you can be free to be loved in a healthy and godly way.

Your sister in Christ,


Take the Codependency Quiz...

  • Do you have trouble saying "no" to people?
  • Do you have trouble making a decision and sticking with it if someone else important to you differs in opinion?
  • Do you find yourself doing things that others want you to do but that you do not want to do, and which may not be helping the other person?
  • Are you often concerned that other people may not like you, and even afraid that they may not?
  • Are you unable to be alone and always need a romantic relationship?
  • Do you find yourself in negative or unhealthy situations or relationships and are unable to extract yourself from them?
  • Do you end up in relationships with "takers", people who take from you but do not give back to you?

    These are just a few of the characteristics that people manifest when they are higher on the sliding scale of Codependency. Everyone is codependent to some degree, but many people grew up in dysfunctional families where they were always dealing with other people's issues - hostile or volatile environments, parents or relatives on drugs or alcohol, physical, verbal or sexual abuse, or sometimes simply neglect or abandonment. That skews the way we see ourselves, the world, and how we act. BUT IT IS NOT FATAL.

    Codependency doesn't take forever to start enjoying victory over it, even if it is a lifelong relearning process.

    Join me for this IN-PERSON, LIVE & RECORDED VIDEO 16 week course starting 3/3/19 at 6:30 pm. It is only $10/session plus the cost to purchase the Workbook ($15 plus shipping from Amazon for the paperback or $4.99 for the Kindle). YOU MUST HAVE YOUR HOMEWORK FOR CHAPTER 1 COMPLETED prior to the first class.
If you will be open to learning new things and admitting old things, and are willing to apply yourself to the homework, you will become healthier, will see a huge change in the way you see and feel about yourself, and your relationships will become more healthy as well.