Even John The Baptist Doubted!

Mat 11:2-3
2 Now when John heard in the prison the works of the Christ, he sent by his disciples
3 and said unto him, Art thou he that cometh, or look we for another?

When John was in prison, he started to doubt if Jesus was the Christ. John the Baptist, mind you! He was the one who went out and declared that Jesus was the Messiah. He was filled with the Holy Spirit while in Elizabeth’s womb when the pregnant Mary met with her. He saw the dove alight on Jesus and heard the Father announce that Jesus was His well-beloved Son. Yet JOHN DOUBTED!

When he was in prison, his thoughts and emotions preyed on him, just like they would have with us. He had been a man of great discipline, with his locusts and honey. He had faithfully served the Lord, obeyed His commands, and had spoken prophetically under His orders. Yet JOHN DOUBTED!

This encourages me to know that even great men of God, disciplined prophets with vision and courage, have doubted about Jesus. When we are trapped in the prison of circumstances that are outside of our control, our faith may waiver as did John’s. But John was still praised by Jesus after His death.

I am comforted to know that God does not demand perfection in my beliefs, thoughts or actions in this life, and that my doubts don’t estrange me from Him.

Penny Haynes