Hopelessness simply comes from a lack of faith. I know that people will want to fight me on this, but I am speaking scripturally. Faith is the substance of (the floor upon which stands) things hoped for. If you don’t believe that God exists and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him, you will give up hope.

You see, if you HAVE faith, it means that you believe that ANYTHING can happen at ANY time to change your situation. God only needs to breathe on it to change everything. So then you have to deal with the question: Why won’t He breathe on it and change the situation?  This is when Satan makes you question whether or not God is even good at all.

Look at Genesis 37 and 39 to take a look at Joseph’s journey from dreamer and beloved son to hated brother, slave, prisoner and then Ruler of Egypt.  His story is a perfect example of how God will bring to pass what He has spoken, but RARELY in the manner in which we expected. The question is, HOW DO WE ACT when things don’t go as we expected, desired or demanded?  We act one of two ways – 1) Like we believe that God is still in control, despite what we see with our eyes and how long it takes, or 2) Like we believe God has abandoned us (either out of inability to do anything or dislike toward us) and it is up to us to fix this situation (or lay down and die).

If we choose door number 1, we relinquish our timetable and our expectations, and trust that this period of quiet, or unrest, or testing of our faith is a pre-requisite for us arriving at our intended destination prepared to receive what God has promised. Moses spent 40 years in Egypt under Pharoah, 40 years in the desert doing basically nothing for God, and then was called, against His will, to go back into Egypt to lead the Israelites, only to spend another 40 years wandering in the desert, this time with several million complaining and whining people who didn’t trust God.  The first 80 years were preparation for the last 40 years.  God is not in a rush – He simply does things in His time to accomplish His purposes.

When David was anointed King, you would think He would march into the palace and take over. But no, he went back to the sheep, then spent 16 years hiding in caves from Saul, before He became King. That was definitely not the journey he expected to take to have his destiny manifested.

My husband and I unfortunately chose door number 2, and consequently spent 8 years in misery because we didn’t trust or obey God when we left our home church. Hurt, pride, indignation, depression and anger all had their part in the mix of emotions that separated us from our calling – so I can’t blame God for our desert wandering. But I DO know that God knew ahead of time how He could use our season of self-imposed exile for His glory and our good later in our lives.  It didn’t shake Him or His plan.  If only we realized it at that time, we could have saved ourselves years of misery.

Take every thought captive – is it infusing you with faith or doubt in God? You MUST feed your faith if you are to survive and regain your hope.  Speak the truth of the Word to yourself until you can trust God despite what you see with your eyes (especially if you see nothing).  If you want to get rid of hopelessness, you must rebuild your faith in God’s omnipotence and His goodness.