Lie #327: Being Skinny Makes Your Life Wonderful

Unbelievable! I was at the gym on the treadmill and saw a commercial for a diet pill that basically told you (through images) if you take the pill, you’ll look like these young, tiny half-clad girls, and end up with a gorgeous guy holding you close. And you’ll be loved, desired and happy!

Bahahahahahahahaha. At least they weren’t subtle about it. They came boldly and put it succinctly. If you are skinny, you will be happy and fulfilled. QUESTION: How many of you out there are skinny and still have depression, anxiety and/or fear?

It was a lie actually told to me by my father when I was high school. I believed I was doomed forever to be lonely and unloved. The media repeats this message ad nauseum. And even if we acknowledge that it is wrong, don’t many of us still somewhere deep inside fear it is true?

However, let’s show the facts.

  • You see beautiful celebrities having affairs and divorcing other beautiful people all the time. Their skinniness and beauty doesn’t save them from misery. (Ask Tiger Woods’ EX-wife.)
  • You see large women being pursued by and having relationships with more than one man. (Just watch Jerry Springer. Hehehehe. I had to add that one)
  • Did you know that many people who go through gastric bypass surgery end up as alcoholics? They are skinny, but their loss of fat hasn’t made them happy. That hit close to home with us when someone who had the procedure died in an alcohol-related car crash.
  • The lies sound so real. But they are STILL lies. You will not find lasting peace because you’ve dropped some dress sizes. You will not enjoy rest from your labors when the scale numbers decrease. You will only be able to be still and relax WHEN YOU ARE FREE FROM INTERNAL TURMOIL. And that normally just doesn’t disappear without a fight for your life and liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    As long as you believe the lie that your happiness lies in some improved conditions for your body, your finances, your relationships, etc., you won’t attempt to uncover the real causes for your distress. That’s why the lies are so devestating. They divert our attention and therefore keep us in miserable bondage.

    Its also much easier to blame our unhappiness on something like our looks. Why? Well, for one, it makes us feel like, if we work hard enough, we can work our way out of these feelings. We hate the idea that the cause of our depression may be beyond our physical, external control. If we acknowledge that it is something much deeper and more painful to deal with, it may overwhelm us.

    But that’s where friends, counselors, pastors and support groups come in. We are here to hold your hand while you delve into those deep dark places in your memory and your soul. Your bathroom scale won’t do that for you. But we will.

    So if you catch yourself believing that lie, make sure to remind yourself of the truths listed above (especially the Jerry Springer one!). Then work on facing your fears and anxieties one by one, because the only thing you need to “lose” is your sadness.

    Penny Haynes