Request for Personal Stories About Depression and Anxiety

This is a public request for personal accounts of Christian women who have experienced depression, anxiety and/or fear. I am in the process of collecting stories for a book I am writing to help encourage other women who experience those struggles.

If you either have a personal story to share,

OR if you lead a group of Christian women,

OR know of another Christian leader with access to a group of women, I could really use your help.

Leaders who share my request with their group will have their name and link to their ministry added to the web site and the book in its resource section. Individuals whose submissions are included will also have their name and link to their ministries or web site added (if they desire).

What I need specifically is the following:

1) Any background summary you want to share.

2) One particular emotional struggle you have dealt with (or continue to deal with) – the situation or circumstance and how you were feeling and acting;

3) How that struggle was/is affecting your life and relationships (with others and with God);

4) How you coped (or continue to cope) with and/or were delivered from that particular struggle.

5) If you have any scriptures that have helped you, please share those as well.

Submissions can be made via email to, or can be submitted anonymously at

Thank you for any assistance you can offer to me and the women who will hopefully be encouraged by these stories.

Penny Haynes