Waiting Until God Gives You Strength

Isa 40:28-31
28 The eternal God, the Lord, the Maker of the ends of the earth, is never feeble or tired; there is no searching out of his wisdom. 29 He gives power to the feeble, increasing the strength of him who has no force. 30 Even the young men will become feeble and tired, and the best of them will come to the end of his strength; 31 But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness.

Trying to be godly and just basically get through all we are called to do every day really takes more than we naturally have inside of us. However, that never stops us from trying to eek just a little more out of our human strength to get more done, or push ourselves a little bit harder and further. How often have we felt like nothing will get done if we don’t do it ourself? So we take on what others should probably be doing instead of letting them take up their responsibilities.

So we wear ourselves down and run out of steam, and then we get miserable. We are tired and crabby and snappy. We don’t want to get out of bed because we feel too weak to get up in the morning and do it all over again. Sound familiar?

What if we were promised all the energy and strength we needed to accomplish everything God expected from us – nothing more and nothing less? What would we do? Would we wait for that strength and not do anything without it, or would we get impatient and just decide to do it in our own limited strength?

The logical answer would be to wait, but that is not what we do. We hate waiting. We create an agenda for ourselves and we want to stay on our schedule, and, well, if God doesn’t show up on time, we’ll just do it without Him. That’s why we crash and burn – we refuse to wait upon the Lord for His timing, His strength, His direction.

But what does scripture say God wants for us? He will give strength to the feeble, faint and weak – His strength, because He never is feeble, faint or weak. What do we have to do to receive His strength? Continually wait on Him to provide it, and NOT attempt to do anything in our own strength.

Now, imagine your day – sitting at His feet until you are endued with power for whatever you have to face during the day. Compare yourself to a car that must sit at the gas station and be filled up before it can go anywhere. Otherwise, the car can only coast downhill.

So I encourage you to stop trying to do everything in your own strength. If you don’t have the strength for it, sit down with Him until you do. Cut out unnecessary tasks unless God directs you to do them, and therefore gives you the power to do them.

Don’t wear yourself out doing things He hasn’t called you to do, even if others expect you to do them. Be like Mary and sit at His feet. Let Him renew your strength so you can mount up with wings as eagles and soar through your day. He has promised it to you, so take Him up on it.

Penny Haynes