Life Patterns Counseling

It's going to be ok...

You are NOT going crazy, and it is NOT going to stay this way forever.  So just take a breath and we'll do this together.

If you are in CRISIS

First of all, if you are feeling suicidal, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, or go to their web site to chat.

If it is not an emergency, but you need to get some practical answers as quickly as possible, then my best option for you is my Temperament Analysis Profile Package. This includes an online test that determines your unique God-given, inborn needs.   If those needs are not being met, you will remain in perpetual high stress.  The analysis has been proven to be 95.7% accurate.

I will then meet with you for two (2) sessions to review how God designed you, your strengths and weaknesses and the needs that must be met for you to be at peace.  We will also review the list to see what needs are and are not being met.  If they are, we need to make sure they are being met in a godly and balanced fashion.  If they are not, we need to brainstorm to get those needs met as soon as possible. Temperament Therapy has a proven success rate of 93% for people who want to get well.

100% of my clients who come in under duress wanting help have a HUGE reduction of anxiety and stress in the FIRST session. Read the testimonials here.

After that, you can choose whether or not to continue counseling with me in large or small group settings, or through individual sessions.  You can also join this site for self-help through access to all of the courses and to me as well in the forums.

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Unhealthy, Uncontrolled Behaviors & Emotions

If you are easily upset by events and people in your life, or have behaviors you cannot stop doing, you have buried emotional issues that are subconsciously re-directing your responses.  The bottom line is that when you experience a familiar feeling that is connected to a previously unresolved life event,  instead of problem solving what is presently in front of you, you regress to the source event and respond to that all over again.

The answer to these types of problems is Life Patterns Therapy.  You will talk with me about your life, I will draw out your Life Pattern, and we will find out where your chosen responses started and how they came to be.  Then we will work on transforming the pattern by healing the emotionally charged but unresolved memory. After that, we establish your new, healthy Life Pattern through practice. Life Pattern Therapy can be done through individual or small group sessions.


Walking Out Your Healing Together

If you simply need to talk things out and receive godly counsel, feedback, encouragement, accountability and support, then Large Group Counseling, Bibliotherapy (Counseling through reading), and Forums and Groups would be for you.  

  • Large Group Counseling:  Groups of 5 people meet with me for 75 minutes in an online conference room to discuss whatever issue is currently going on in their life.  The members also have their own forum and online group so they can continue to communicate with each other throughout the week as needed.  I will also review the forum posts and respond to any questions posed to me.
  • Bibliotherapy / Courses:  You have unlimited access to all of my courses, and you when you post your answers in each Course's private forum (for registered students only), I will review and help you with your answers.  I add 2 new courses per month so you can continue peeling the layers back one at a time.
  • Forums: Each course has it's own forum for registered students, but there are also open member forums where you can discuss your situations and feelings regarding certain topics.  Questions posed to me on these forums will receive responses from me as well.
  • Groups:  You can create and join different groups to receive the support you need.  My individual and small group Counseling clients can become a part of my private Group, with additional access to me on a daily basis.

I offer all of this for only $11.53 a week ($49.97 monthly)For the cost of one meal out, you can have access to your own Christian Counselor every day!

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Temperament Therapy

Temperament Therapy uses 2 tools to simply and clearly help you reduce the majority of stress in your life.

  • a Temperament Analysis Profile, which has a proven accuracy of 95.7%, and
  • Temperament Therapy, which has a 93% success rate,

These show you exactly how God designed you to fulfill His call on your life, and how to meet your God-instilled, inborn needs in a balanced and godly way. When your needs aren’t met, you live in stress, are easily exhausted. However, when your needs are met, you are energized and easily walk in your temperament strengths.

Most stress comes from trying to live in a way that is contrary to your Temperament. Find out how God made you, so you can finally live out your calling in peace and joy.

Life Patterns Therapy

I also use Life Patterns Therapy to show you why are you are repeating the same cycle over and over, where it originated, how to eliminate it, and how to be free to choose new and healthy decisions.

Part of this process includes helping you heal painful memories so you can release the emotions that are holding them in place.  I help you move past your fear of painful emotions that is causing you so much stress so you can be free to obey God in every area of your life.


Start working toward your healing right now. It didn't happen overnight, and neither will your healing. But you don't have to figure any of this out yourself. I have walked this path before you, so let me lead you there.

Step 2

Order your Temperament Analysis Profile and set up an individual session with me to go over it. I will show you how God uniquely designed you, your strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, your needs. ALL of my clients experience a huge reduction of stress in their FIRST SESSION.

Step 3

Join as a Group Counseling Member to receive

  • weekly large group sessions and
  • access to all courses and recordings,
  • access to groups and forums,

or you can purchase Counseling sessions separately in the Store.