I only work with people who are FED UP with their lives and will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be FREE.

I want people who are desperate to experience righteousness, peace and joy and be free from their misery.

These people have decided that they are unwilling to live one more day in depression, anxiety, addiction and unhealthy behavior. They refuse to roll over and let the enemy steal, kill and destroy their life any longer.

They have stopped making excuses about not having enough time or money to get help.

They don’t care if others don’t think they aren’t worth being healed – they have finally decided they ARE worth being healed.

They are willing to do whatever it takes to be healed, and will go after that healing like a dog after raw meat.

They set aside time in their schedule for weekly sessions and daily assignments.

They are willing to be accountable to me.

And these are the wholehearted commitments I make to these people:

I will work alongside of them every day to see their healing come to fruition.

I don’t just talk to them once a week and forget about them. I commit to pray for them, check in on them, encourage them, answer questions, and even correct them every day.

I also commit to making my counseling affordable enough for ANYONE who is truly ready to break free. This is my calling and my strongest anointing, and if they are hungry to be healed, I will not turn them away.

Most importantly, I commit myself to express to them the unconditional love that most of them have never truly experienced – the love that can only come from our Heavenly Father, Jesus our Savior and our Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

However, just like the Lord, I will not run after anyone who decides to pull away from their commitment. I am only here for those who are ALL IN.

If this describes you, and you want someone who will walk with you through the good, the bad and the ugly days, AND if you are willing to commit wholeheartedly to me and this process, then I welcome you to my extended family with an open heart. If you’re ready to finally be free, I’m ready to lead you out of darkness into His glorious light.

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