It was Penny Haynes that God used in a mighty way

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I was separated from my husband after finding out about his infidelity. It was my 2nd marriage with infidelity and I was devastated but I very much loved Christ and had a strong desire to please my Lord. Out of all the help I had received, endless conversations with friends, help from seasoned couples at my church, it was Penny Haynes that God used in a mighty way. In one session, she helped me to see that I was stuck in Gethsemane and needed to leave there and make my journey to the cross, to share in my Lord’s suffering of betrayal and to move into forgiveness by dying on the cross to unforgiveness. This was so profound of a concept in my journey and came at the perfect place in time. I had been praying for clarity and she was able to help move my heart and my feet in the right direction… Into the arms of my sweet and gracious Lord. PS

July 31, 2017