Reading Penny’s writings has helped me to go deeper in my healing

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Reading Penny Haynes' writings on codependency and ungodly responses to pain has helped me to go deeper in my healing from codependency and from verbal, financial and abandonment abuse.  It's one thing to do a surface study of these issues, and another to dig deep and look for what is the source of pain, and figure out how to let God bring healing in. When I heard her speak at our Celebrate Recovery, I knew instantly that we were talking about healing on a much deeper level.  I get so many paradigm shifts when I read her writing or hear her speak -- it is just truth being brought to the light. I urge anyone who is able to read her blogs and website to dig in and do the work. And if you are blessed to live close enough or skype with her in a study, you will not be disappointed.  It hurts, but it hurts good. SB

August 8, 2017