Membership Tools

This membership site offers you the ability to pursue your healing and recovery at your own pace.

  • SERIES – Weekly messages and devotions intended to encourage you to continue in your path toward healing, sharing my personal experiences and the things I continue to learn.
  • COURSES – Lessons designed to help you understand how God made you, why you do what you do,  and how to eliminate your stressful responses to life so you can live a life that glorifies God.
  • EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS – The CRAZIFIED to GLORIFIED!  Series are topical books designed to zero in on your particular struggle and provide specific techniques to overcome it.  Paid Members have access to ALL ebooks!
  • WEBINARS/CONFERENCES – Weekly online & phone conferences for members only. I will share any new information I have learned and open the floor for questions and answers about your particular situation and struggle.
  • FORUMS – You can share how you are feeling and what is going on in your life in our Forums.  Ask questions of other members and of me.
  • GROUPS – Create or join a group of people who share some of the same struggles.  If you are a Celebrate Recovery Leader, you can create a Group and Forum just for your attendees.
  • COUNSELING – If you feel you need more personalized assistance on your journey to wholeness, you can request a one-on-one or group session with me for an additional fee (members receive a $50 discount on one-on-one counseling).

I am offering FREE MEMBERSHIP while we are in BETA TESTING (while I am adding courses), so JOIN NOW…