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I am Penny Haynes, Pastoral Counselor, specializing in Temperament Therapy, Life Patterns, and Christian 12-Step Recovery.  I’ve been healed of depression, anxiety, fear, codependency, childhood trauma and an eating disorder, so I know first hand the power of God to transform your life.  I help Christian women eliminate stress and gain self-control so they can fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

God created you with a unique temperament, with specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as needs that must be met.  Stress happens when those needs are not met. Since most people have no idea what their needs are, I use

  • a Temperament Analysis Profile,  which has a proven accuracy of 95.7%, and
  • Temperament Therapy, which has a 93% success rate,

to show you exactly how God designed you, and how to meet your God-instilled, inborn needs in a balanced and godly way.

I also use Life Patterns Therapy to show you why are you are repeating the same cycle over and over, where it originated, how to eliminate it, and how to be free to choose new and healthy decisions.

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RESET Your Life Patterns

Do you ever feel like you just keep going round and round that mountain? Like you keep taking one step forward and 3 steps back from where you believe you need to be? Do you have desires and emotions that seem to come out of nowhere and take over your actions, leading you to do things you don’t want to do?

I have. I spent years in the grip of what I call a comatose depression, confident that God could deliver everyone else around me EXCEPT me, because my case was hopeless. I would be blindsided by panic attacks at the thought of social situations, or sometimes simply when I was alone. I have an astounding 4 decades of eating disorders “under my belt” – binging, starving and purging. I let my lifelong belief that I was unlovable because I was supposedly fat and ugly lead me into broken and destructive relationships, including extra-marital affairs, and stop me from even trying to be a success. I tried being people’s savior, trying to fix their brokenness by “loving them more” – a codependent people pleaser who tried to manipulate people into needing me and therefore never leaving me.

And I was actually in some form of ministry during all of these seasons and challenges in my life! I covered it up as well as I could, and pushed harder to distract people from my character defects by being smarter, more talented, more efficient, more perfect, more loving, more intelligent, more accomplished, more successful, more Christian than everyone else.  But the truth was that I carried deep shame and soul crushing guilt due to what I considered as my continual failure to measure up, and that horrible nagging feeling that I was continually disappointing God because of my lack of self-control in so many areas of my life.

But that’s not who I am any more. Like Paul, I have found the secret of how to be content in all situations, whether I have much or little, or weigh much or little, or accomplish much or little.  And it didn’t happen because of my Bachelor’s degree in Religion, or by being a licensed minister for 20 years. It’s not due to being a pastor or bible teacher or author or counselor either. It’s because I made the decision to move out of my comfortable misery and into the risky, unknown and uncomfortable process of being vulnerable with God, with myself and with others and pursuing my healing at any cost. And it worked. Continue reading “RESET Your Life Patterns”


“I LOVE Crazified!  Reading this morning, this is pure God stuff distilled into a great readable form. I am thinking of so many friends and folks who need to read this! Love how God is using you.  And it is really helping me, I am so finding myself in that trap of falling back to eating habits over and over, less guilt and obsession but want to keep doing better and add the spinning plate of exercise…self control via the Holy Spirit… to stop adding so much onto my day that I can’t do the things I must do for my own health.” SB

I enjoyed my time of learning about myself in a new way that God made me unique and special instead of flawed to be fixed. My anxiety level dramatically dropped after one session. SH

The Temperament Therapy was 100% accurate and very helpful in determining my weaknesses and strengths. Thank you to Penny and her amazing ability to counsel through the anointing of God. SE

The Temperament Analysis Profile has made a big difference in my relationship with my mother. We both learned about each other’s temperament, and found out things we didn’t know about each other. We never knew that we both want to be hugged, because neither of us would let the other person know, so our needs were not being met. Now we are not hesitant to offer each other a hug, knowing that it will be received gratefully. It has helped both of us to feel more loved. JG

I was separated from husband after finding out about his infidelity. It was my 2nd marriage with infidelity and I was devastated but I very much loved Christ and had a strong desire to please my Lord. Out of all the help I had received, endless conversations with friends, help from seasoned couples at my church, it was Penny Haynes that God used in a mighty way. In one session, she helped me to see that I was stuck in Gethsemane and needed to leave there and make my journey to the cross, to share in my Lord’s suffering of betrayal and to move into forgiveness by dying on the cross to unforgiveness. This was so profound of a concept in my journey and came at the perfect place in time. I had been praying for clarity and she was able to help move my heart and my feet in the right direction… Into the arms of my sweet and gracious Lord. PS

“I started attending a ladies’ step study through Celebrate Recovery that Penny was facilitating and went on to do another study with her as the facilitator and eventually my sponsor. From day one, she helped create an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance for me and every lady attending. I shared things I hadn’t shared before, and found myself able by God’s grace and the help of Penny and the other ladies in the group to obey God in several key areas of my life. As the weeks went on, I got more and more excited about attending the group and found myself less depressed and no longer isolating at home. I got much closer to God and developed several friendships. Continue reading “Testimonies”

The Story of the Peach Tree: An Explanation about Temperament and Life Patterns

I really struggled to try to find a logo or image that represented who I am and what I do.  I’d tried several different artists and polled some other ministers.  Nothing worked.  And then God said, “Look at the peach tree in your front yard.”  So I did.

Then I remembered how, in my Temperament Therapy training, we were taught that God implants in every person a unique and specific temperament that matches God’s call and purpose for their life.  It determines what specific strengths, weaknesses and needs the person will have.  It is like a seed that has all of the DNA of what kind of plant that seed will grow to be, determining how much sunlight and water is needed and what type of climate will suit it best.

But neither plants nor people live in a vacuum.  We do not live in the Garden of Eden where everything was perfect.  Instead, we live in a fallen world where living organisms aren’t always born completely healthy due to reasons such as genetic mutations.  In addition, people have free will and their choices have an effect on other people as well as the environment.

So you can plant a seed, let’s say a peach tree seed, and depending on its environment, genetic differences and how others may affect it, it may not look or act like we expect.  Perhaps there was a drought, or possibly a flood.  Maybe there was a hail storm or tornado that ripped through its neighborhood during a formative stage and marred its appearance.  Maybe a large animal ran into it or tried to reach some of its fruit and broke a limb.  Or maybe it was planted among other plants that choked out the sunlight or whose roots and presence didn’t allow it to grow to its full height in normal fashion. Or maybe someone cruel just decided to vandalize and destroy it. Continue reading “The Story of the Peach Tree: An Explanation about Temperament and Life Patterns”

About Penny Haynes


Co-Founder of RPM Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)3 that is the parent of:

Ministry House, which is a church for people in recovery from hurts, habits and hang-ups including issues like depression, anger, eating disorders, substance abuse, codependency, etc.  I co-pastor the church with my husband, Ronnie, sharing the responsibilities of teaching, preaching and leading.  I also lead Praise & Worship.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christian 12-Step program based on the Beatitudes, which is Ministry House’s main ministry.  We have large group meetings, and offer 9 month men’s and women’s Step Study groups as well.

– Good Shepherd Recovery House  is a 9 – 12 month men’s regeneration program for substance abuse in Jasper, GA opened by RPM Ministries.  I serve as administrator and a counselor, and my husband is the Executive Director.

Koinonia Communities is my non-profit dedicated to providing emergency, temporary and permanent housing, ministry and training for the homeless. This is my dream, my long term goal. Our hope is that Koinonia will join Good Shepherd on their 36 acres in 2019.

I am a founding member of Bethesda Community Clinic, a low-cost Christ-centered non-profit medical clinic in Cherokee County, GA for the uninsured and low income.

I served on staff as Media Director for World Harvest Church in Ball Ground, GA (the church is no longer active).  I directed, edited and produced the church’s television show.  I also served in various leadership and pastoral positions. I was licensed as a minister there in the late 1990’s.  World Harvest Church References

My husband and I also authored the 13 week discipleship curriculum, Firm Foundation.

Education & Certification

Furman University – Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Teamwork Bible College – Bible College Graduate

NCCA (National Christian Counselors Association) – Counseling training and accreditation

Dr. John Mauldin – Life Patterns Coach certification

Team Jesus Ministries – Renewed Ministerial License in 2012.