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Three of the things we learned in our last Codependency Workshop Class were:

  1. Unforgiveness happens when we believe that someone stole from us something that God is incapable of giving back to us or giving us more of it.
  2. Being perfect does not mean getting it all right, never sinning and always appearing perfect. It means being perfect in the same way that God is perfect. (Read the post below for the details.)
  3. Love is both the cause of and the solution to Codependency. We really don't know what healthy love or God's love looks like. So we keep chasing the wrong type of love because it's the only kind we've ever known, even though it has never, ever, ever satisfied us or made us feel loved.
I've heard several people talk about not being able to love others because of their unforgiveness, and the two ARE tied together, but they are really two separate issues. It is impossible to love as God loves when you have unforgiveness in your heart, because it is sin and it puts up a wall between you and God so you cannot receive what He's trying to give you (He didn't put the wall up, you did - He's still trying to get through to you).

But the other problem is that people mistake their own efforts to be kind and nice to someone as the love God wants from you, and that's not what God is talking about. As a matter of fact, God pretty much thinks your attempts at being nice apart from Him stink to high heaven. So read on to find out how badly you have got it wrong, and how you truly can be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

How You Completely Misunderstood Jesus When He Said To Be Perfect

How You Completely Misunderstood Jesus When He Said To Be Perfect
Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect. What does that mean? Most people think it means never making a mistake or never sinning. But that's not what it means at all. That verse comes from the same chapter as the Beattitudes in Matthew 5. Jesus states that you are not to hate your enemies, but love your enemies. …

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