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Christians with depression face stigma in the church. Statements like "You just need more faith" and "You should just be grateful for all you have" do more damage than good. Christian Women feel they must hide their depression and wear a mask in front of others, especially at church. This conference will provide tools to help cope with the feelings, and therapies to experience joy and peace.

Monday 1/20/2020 - Saturday 1/25/2020

Joint Conferences
FREE Online Conference

Utilizing Healthy Habits to Combat Depressed Mood with Positive Psychology and Neuroscience
Alexia Georghiou, Life Coach

The 5-Day After Divorce Detox Challenge
Jeanny Rodríguez, Speaker

3 Biblically-Based Fool-Proof Strategies that Will Transform Your Stress into Blessings
Dana Susan Beasley, Director

Navigating out of the shadows of Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Tammy Gray, Naturopathic Doctor, Emotional Specialist

Seeds of Joy, Hope, Power to Overcome
Teresa Howard, Author, Teacher, Worship leader

The Secret to Breaking Free from the Bondage of Depression
Lisa Norman, Mindset Mentor

Advancing Through Adversity
Kelli Barthelemy, The Grief Guru

Codependency and Depression: The Cause, the Effect and the Cure
Penny Haynes, Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Anger Management Specialist