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Brokenness is a negative word nowadays.  It is something to be ashamed of according to many people.  But we are all beautifully broken, none of us is completely whole, and we won’t be until we are completed in heaven and we see Him as He is.

But brokenness can cause many problems in our relationships, and how we see ourselves and the world around us.  This course will talk about how we need to see our brokenness, how God sees our brokenness, and how we can be transformed because of our brokenness, and how we can move ever closer to wholeness.

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    • The Solution To Brokenness
    • Brokenness Makes Us Radiant
    • Brokenness and Relationship With Others
    • Brokenness and Relationship With God
    • Brokenness In The Church
    • Brokenness From Unmet Needs

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