Introduction to Codependency

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For many of us, our lives, our thoughts, our actions are not really our own.  They are based on what we thought other people needed or wanted or believed.  A life that has been redirected from what I want and need to what someone else wants and needs is called codependency. Why?  So I will finally be loved.  This course will explain the basics of Codependency, what it is and what it is not, and how it will reflect in our lives.

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    • Introduction To Codependency
    • What is Codependency?
    • Characteristics of Codependency
    • Traits of Codependency
    • Codependency As Our Response To Abandonment
    • The Codependent Roles We Play
    • False Beliefs of Codependency
    • Ten Stages of Recovery From Codependency
    • Codependency Teleconference Call

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