Introduction to Life Patterns

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You know you have them, because you do them over and over again. You have developed them to deal with everything you have ever encountered. You  continued to use them until they became “who you are” and “what you do” and the basis for “how life is.” They are your Life Patterns.

Everything you think, feel and do rests upon the foundation of these Life Patterns. So if you are thinking, feeling or acting in destructive ways, there is a Life Pattern at its origin that is perpetuating it.  Initially, that Life Pattern was a help to you, but now it has become a hindrance.  You want it gone.

The good news is that your Life Patterns were created by you, and therefore can be altered, or RESET by you.   The bad news is that your Life Patterns were created by you, and you will have a hard time convincing yourself that the old Life Pattern was WRONG, and that it needs to be replaced by a new, more realistic Life Pattern .

We will discuss the truth about Life Patterns, what they are, and how they affect our daily lives and our quest for healthy and productive emotions and actions.  We will learn how the RESET process works, as well as applying the ECHO tool.  Finally we will learn about the impact of Spiritual Community in the healing and recovery process.

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  • Introduction to Life Patterns 

    Learn about how Life Patterns affect everything you do

    • Introduction To Life Patterns
    • Life Pattern Beliefs
    • Life Pattern Meanings
    • Life Pattern Responses
    • Life Pattern Problem Solving
    • Life Pattern Automatic Pilot
    • Life Patterns RESET Results
  • Introduction to RESET 

    Learn how to RESET your Life Patterns

    • Introduction to RESET
    • RESET: R – Recognize/Realize
    • RESET: E – Examine/Exercise
    • RESET: S – Search/Study/Step Back/Spell Out
    • RESET: E – Explain/Elaborate/ECHO/Embrace
    • RESET: T – Test/Taper/Tell
    • RESET Summary Example
  • Introduction to ECHO 

    Learn about the mirroring process and how it can help reveal the truth we cannot see for ourselves.

    • Introduction to ECHO
    • ECHO – Events and Emotions
    • ECHO – Confusion and Contradictions
    • ECHO – Helplessness
    • ECHO – Others
    • ECHO – Self Talk
    • ECHO – Summary
  • Introduction to Spiritual Community 

    Learn how important Spiritual Community is to healing and recovery - you can't do it alone

    • Introduction to Spiritual Community
    • Preparation for Spiritual Community
    • The Intentional Purpose of Spiritual Community
    • The Dynamic of Spiritual Communities
    • The Importance of Continuity In Spiritual Community
    • Celebrate Recovery – One Format Of Spiritual Community
    • Step Study – Long-Term Intensive Spiritual Community
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    • Introduction To Life Patterns

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