How To Get Rid Of The Horrible WHAT IF Loop

By using this one simple trick, you can turn WHAT IFs into actionable plans. The problem about WHAT IFs is that they are not specific enough to do anything about them, so they are unsolved problems that never go away. So change WHAT IFs into WHAT WOULD I DO IF.  Then answer your own question.

You see, you are the only part of the unknown equations of the future that you may have any control over.  In all honesty, none of us really knows how we will react in the face of future crises, nor can we imagine every crisis that may occur.  But with the WHAT WOULD I DO IF method, you at least can propose a solution to what you are afraid may happen, OR you will have to realize that you will have absolutely no control over that situation in the future, so you will simply have to entrust it to the care and control of God.

In other words, it will help you sort things out according to the Serenity Prayer:  accept the things you cannot change or control,  do the things you can change and control, and determine which category this WHAT WOULD I DO IF falls under.

If you do this continually, you will end up without WHAT IFs, and will be free to turn your thoughts elsewhere.  However, please be aware that you may be staying in this WHAT IF loop because you DON’T want to turn your attention anywhere else.  You may have surrendered to this loop because it keeps you from thinking about other things that really bother and frighten you.  If so, you need to get outside help to determine what is scaring you so much that you’d rather make yourself sick with unnecessary worry with WHAT IFs than face whatever that is.

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