Screaming At The Cars Around Me

Psalm 14:The Lord looks down from heaven
    on all mankind
to see if there are any who understand,
    any who seek God.
All have turned away, all have become corrupt;
    there is no one who does good,
    not even one.

I made the mistake of trying the highway this morning. Wrong choice. Traffic at a standstill only between the stretch to the next exit. People started running down the side lane and wanted to merge after I had followed the rules and sat there forever. The guy in front of me kept letting them in. I started screaming and yelling in the car.

Yup, lost it. Each vehicle that “cut in line” increased my frenzy, and I realized that they weren’t cars to me; they were high school bullies doing and taking whatever they wanted. I had no control over them and it made me lose control over myself.

I believe God allowed me to get stuck so I could see what was hidden within me so I could face it and deal with it. Even at 53 years old, I still think the world and everyone in it should play fairly by the rules, otherwise I feel the fear, anger and vulnerability of the truth that I have no control over anything. My only comfort is the truth that God will always be with me no matter what unfair situation may occur and whatever the consequences are, and use it for His plan and my good.

Only when I believe the lie that life is fair and I am in control can I be shaken to my core when faced with the truth. God help us to remember this and trust in Your continued provision in our lives regardless of what is happening around us.


1. What makes you lose control? Why?

2. What AREN’T we trusting about God and His Word when we lose control?

3. How can we increase our faith in God so what happens in this world will not rob us of our faith, peace and joy?