What’s The Use?

“What’s the use?” We’ve all had those days when we ask that rhetorical question of ourselves in the throes of despair. Sometimes the thought occurs when we wake up in the morning and cannot find a an enjoyable reason to get out of bed. At other times, it is said after yet another disappointment. Most days, I would say it when I was feeling like I was in the movie “Groundhog Day” and every day looked like the previous day with no hope for change.

For me, it was a sign that I felt my life had no purpose, or at least no purpose that brought me joy. I felt that I had failed God on the big stuff, by not wanting to read scriptures or pray, so how could I expect Him to entrust me with anything purposeful? Yet without purpose, I didn’t have a reason to get out of bed.

So what could I find to give me purpose that would put me back on the road to pleasing God? I was already overwhelmed by all the Christian “to do list” items I knew I wasn’t doing, so it would have to be something small, simple and easy to remember all day long – a motto or mantra, so to say. I needed to find the least common denominator for what He expects from me.

“Whether we eat or drink, or whatever, we do, we do it all to the glory of God.” That was pretty all-encompassing. So what does it mean to bring Him glory? Showing all His attributes, what He is like – in other words, to show the world Jesus.

Since Jesus is the exact representation of the Father, and God’s ongoing general purpose for our lives is to be conformed into Jesus’ image, and Jesus said the most important thing is to love God and love others, then our main goal in our actions is to love others. Sometimes that means saying or doing something loving to someone; sometimes it means keeping our mouths shut and not saying or doing things we want to say or do, because they would not really be done or said in love.

For the Christian, we are to live by faith in God, believing that He exists and rewards those that diligently seek him (although there are seasons where we can’t seem to find any earthly or emotional rewards). We walk by faith in what He has said, not by the things we see with our eyes. If we can get through a day still believing that He exists and is good, regardless of the situation, consider your day a success. And if we get through a day where we have shown God’s love for others in our words or deeds, by either listening or speaking or acting, then we have had a successful day.

So what’s the use of trying again? Because you are still here, so God still has a plan and a purpose for you, whether you feel like it or not, or want Him to or not. Do you still have an inkling of a desire to please Him? Then don’t make it so hard for yourself. Walk and don’t faint today, choose to believe that God IS here and He is good, and love someone today with the love of Christ. If you can do those things, you will have achieved God’s purpose for yourself today.

Penny Haynes