Christian Codependency Counseling

What is Codependency?

Basically, it is a Life Pattern that you developed to protect yourself from a person who became a major stressor in your life. It is a fight or flight response which worked for a while, but as an adult, has become debilitating. The problem is that you cannot stop using that survival behavior, because it is the only way you know how to navigate through life.

It happens when a significant other’s behavior becomes threatening in some way to you. It might have occurred through abuse, abandonment, or neglect due to a parent either being preoccupied with their own issues or their lack of parenting skills. The bottom line is that your life started revolving around how to protect yourself from the effects of other people’s issues. In an attempt to control the person causing your stress, your life became OUTERDIRECTED, always adapting and reacting to the stressor, never having the freedom to simply meet your own wants and needs apart from them.

Your boundaries can disappear, and your life become so enmeshed with another that you don’t know where they end and you begin. Codependency manifests itself in a variety of ways, from flight responses such as denial, disassociation, depression, substance abuse, repression and withdrawal, to fight responses such as anger, identifying with a persecutor, reactive and re-enacting behavior. Millions of people struggle with codependency as the number of dysfunctional families grows and they pass on their codependent coping mechanisms to the next generation.

However, the Codependency can STOP WITH YOU. Unlike other issues, Codependency doesn’t have to take years to heal. Once you understand the issues, where they came from, and how God intended you to be, you can be free. Learn more by joining this site for FREE.
I know first hand how it feels to be in codependent relationships where my life revolved around others. The result was that I was lost in depression for years, trapped in my house with panic attacks, tormented by memories of past traumas, and a prisoner of an eating disorder. I know what it is like to have a horrible marriage, to feel unloved and unwanted, and the shame of turning to another man for comfort. I know what it is like to want to please and live for God, but be unable to fulfill God’s call on my life because of hidden sin, guilt and shame. But I also know what it is like to be free. Now I help Christian women gain self-control over their emotions and actions so they can fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Let me share my story with you.

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Temperament Therapy

uses 2 tools to simply and clearly help you reduce the majority of stress in your life.
  • a Temperament Analysis Profile, which has a proven accuracy of 95.7%, and
  • Temperament Therapy, which has a 93% success rate,

These show you exactly how God designed you to fulfill His call on your life, and how to meet your God-instilled, inborn needs in a balanced and godly way. When your needs aren’t met, you live in stress, are easily exhausted. However, when your needs are met, you are energized and easily walk in your temperament strengths.

Most stress comes from trying to live in a way that is contrary to your Temperament. Find out how God made you, so you can finally live out your calling in peace and joy.

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Life Patterns Therapy

I also use Life Patterns Therapy to show you why are you are repeating the same cycle over and over, where it originated, how to eliminate it, and how to be free to choose new and healthy decisions.

Part of this process includes helping you heal painful memories so you can release the emotions that are holding them in place. I help you move past your fear of painful emotions that is causing you so much stress so you can be free to obey God in every area of your life.

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