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Learn why you STILL can’t control yourself, and the ABCs of changing that.


Learn why you STILL can’t control yourself, and the ABCs of changing that.

Then enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy, and he will use your flesh and your words against you.  He has a simple strategy designed to destroy your faith, but I can teach you how to beat him at His own game.  Solid scripture-based teachings and tools to help you gain self-control by renewing your mind through your self-talk.

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“I LOVE Crazified!  Reading this morning, this is pure God stuff distilled into a great readable form. I am thinking of so many friends and folks who need to read this! Love how God is using you.  And it is really helping me, I am so finding myself in that trap of falling back to eating habits over and over, less guilt and obsession but want to keep doing better and add the spinning plate of exercise…self control via the Holy Spirit… to stop adding so much onto my day that I can’t do the things I must do for my own health.” SB

This mini book is so powerful! It reminded me why i continue to give into my fears and fall into the same negative patterns again and again. It also gave me hope that i can see lasting change and fruit in my life, with practical tools to get me there. The scriptures at the end are particularly helpful! MW

Crazified was all me! I was an obsessive worrier. I did not know how to get off my cycle. The wisdom in scripture, and discovering “my lie” that I believed helped me to change the way I thought. Her ABC’s and But God Says are great also.  SH

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